Black and white prints with x shades of light black... what am I missing?

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Re: Black and white prints with x shades of light black... what am I missing?

Phil Hill wrote:

Taurus43 wrote:

Phil Hill wrote:

Although the mixed grays appear to be neutral, they can be more sensitive to the color of the viewing light than would gray ink.

In my experience this is often the case with dye inks, and not so with pigment, even without greys. Have you looked at your prints under tungsten light? Do they still look neutral? B&W printed on most dye printers tends to be a bit red under tungsten light.

Until very recently, all my B&W was done using pigment ink (and my wet darkroom). However, I’ve been experimenting with my Canon Pro-100, which is a dye printer. I think Canon may have improved the black ink on this model (in addition to adding grays).

Strange as it may seem, on the Canon printers I am thinking of, the problem appears to be with the cyan ink rather than the black. According to my measurements the Canon cyan transmits freely in the deep red region; so, in 4-color printers, where the cyan is used to produce grey, the red cast under tungsten can be quite pronounced.

It's likely of course that with the grey ink of the Pro-100 the amount of cyan in the greys is not big enough to give this cast. Going back to the OP, a good reason to have a printer with grey ink.

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