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Re: You would be mistaken.

BigBen08 wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

BigBen08 wrote:

Simon Joinson wrote:

Those of you with a deep knowledge - or unwavering curiosity about - the material, optical and electronic engineering science behind digital image capture represent an valuable part of our community, and this forum is yours to use as you wish. For the moment there will be no community moderators (though if you want one once the forum gets going, please let me know).

I would like to also think this forum could be a place where the less technically minded can come to get answers to their questions - if they do come, please treat them gently.

Sounds like another forum where people can argue endlessly about which sensors are superior.

The hope is that this forum would be frequented by people that actually understand how things work who would discuss technical matters, as opposed to the "entertainment" that comes from ignorance and fanboys.

For example, I shoot with a Canon 6D, and completely recognize the superiority of the D800 sensor, but like my Canon setup just fine. In addition, I also understand that for Equivalent photos (same DOF and shutter speed), that the sensor in the EM5 has an advantage over the D800 sensor at higher ISOs since it has the same QE but less read noise / µphoto at higher ISO settings.

In other words, just a wee bit different than how you characterize the forum unless, of course, the "entertainers" come to play here, too.

I would be glad to be proven wrong. This Science & Tech forum sounds good, but how does one tell the difference between a forum member who actually understands how things work, from those who give an opinion (and may be technically wrong) ?

Can't speak for others, but in the case of my free education from the many helpful and knowledgeable people here on DPR, by asking questions and refining those questions until they can explain the matter to your satisfaction. For example (joemama was my original DPR ID):


I am quite certain I read more than several threads where ljfinger discussed the concept before Joemama entered the fray. I remember a thread where Joe mama questioned ljfinger rigorously and I think Joe Mama came out of that talk as the Grasshopper.

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