How can I keep my D-600 when...

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Re: How can I keep my D-600 when...

stevo23 wrote:

No one seems to know if its a design flaw or a poor subassembly /process tolerance problem. I think it's likely to be the latter simply because the problem goes away over time. My time in manufacturing taught me that it's a difficult thing to get perfect products 100% of the time.

I agree, though there are cases where it doesn't go away so quickly.

If the shutter manufacturing line (3rd party?) changed one small parameter, it could have caused this whole thing and a whole batch of bad shutters may have left the lines and made it into our cameras. The size of the issue would then be related to how many they made in a single run and when they discovered the problem.

Again, having spent some time in manufacturing, this is the most likely scenario in my mind.

This is a sane opinion. While I was dreadfully disappointed in my D600's urge to spray oil like a leaky hydraulic hose, my friend's D600 is perfectly fine and has been since day 1. Luck of the draw, I got one of the really bad ones. Oil probelm, it was sent in, refurbished, I bought it, had nothing but problems, sent it in again with almost 9,000 clicks on the clock and still able to coat the upper left side of the sensor in 100 shots after a clean. All the while my friend has been clicking away with what is truly an outstanding camera.

Honestly, it's a real disappointment. For those of us who chase fleeting light for long exposures, the D600's ability to produce an essentially noiseless file on a 4min+ exposure that didn't require LENR was a godsend. The D800 peppers the sky with white spots without LENR turned on.

In a perfect world, the D610 comes out, kills the second hand market for the D600 and I get a screaming hot deal on a D600 that doesn't have the problem...

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