How can I keep my D-600 when...

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Re: How can I keep my D-600 when...

stevo23 wrote:

Hi Peter,

I don't know how many actuations you have on the camera, but whatever causes the sticky spots seems to go away after 3000 although mine took about 5000.

I wish. There are lots of us who were/are still seeing lots of spots 8000-10,000 and beyond.

A wet clean is for me a necessary skill for any DSLR as I shoot outdoors and accumulate all manner of dust and debris.

But I can assure you the frequency of needed cleanings drops significantly to normal intervals.

It did not in my case. I could do a studio shoot in the morning/afternoon that rendered my D600 unusable for long exposure work in the evening. Heck, a few continuous bursts could spray enough on my previously clean sensor to render it unusable for any number of tasks.

Thankfully Henry's in Toronto took mine back, no questions asked.

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