Who is going to pre-order K-3?

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Who is going to pre-order K-3?

I'm very loyal Pentax user. My almost 3 years old K-5 is from the very first, cursed by infamous "stain" issue batch. I use it mostly at f/5.6-f/8 and very rarely go up to f/16. Simply I don't care about stain pearls. However, I do care about AF accuracy and AF tracking. And I think K-5 is definitely lacking in this department. I lost quite a few "one of a lifetime" opportunities because of it. At the same time it has produced quite a few really good ones. It took about a 1+ year to drop K-5 price down by couple hundred bucks, as I recall. And I think it served me really well during this time for the money. Again I don't want to play a "cheappo" game. I'm going to order K-3 as soon as it will be available, if the spec is right.

What about you, guys?

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Would you order K-3 right away after announcement, if the spec is right?
26.7% 44  votes
Would you prefer the things to stir out and wait for debugged cheaper K-3?
49.1% 81  votes
Would you pass on K-3 and wait for FF model?
24.2% 40  votes
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