Aftermarket Battery Grip Survey (Nikon D90/D7000/D7100)

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Re: Aftermarket Battery Grip Survey (Nikon D90/D7000/D7100)

I'm also using a Pixel branded grip for my D7000 and pretty much mirror your views on the feel of the dials and buttons.

The main reason for going with the Pixel is that the command dials rotate in the same direction as the ones on the camera body, I believe the others brands are reversed. It also attaches nice and solid to the body and comes with 2 battery trays.

Two bad points about this grip I've found is the tendency for the command dial to stutter when changing settings; the values would jog forward briefly then back to the previous value. The grip would also drain battery power when attached to the camera, I'm not sure if the on/off switch on the grip has any effect here but I now store it off the camera.

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