Wireless remote shutter release for X-Pro1??

Started Apr 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
perrycas New Member • Posts: 13
Re: Not wireless, but almost

I have a bulb type release that i sometimes use on my xpro. It originally came with a lot of tube but had the option to unplug and shorten. I have to admit at first i was excited about getting this piece of kit out of the box of 'no longer used camera stuff'. But in reality if i want to make a time exp i just go with the cable as i can lock it. I have had electronic remotes for my last 3 cameras and cant believe that fuji would do something as DULL as to not build in an electronic/ir control. Then again to create a camera like this that concentrates on jogs, release the camera in Beta form without a 'proper raw converter and then update it by firmware, and drop the price to pee off all the first flush buyers - yeah i can believe it.

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