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Re: 35mm Film is somehow optimal for digital sensors?

Big Ga wrote:

A Q then. Why bother lugging around the very large and very heavy 24-70 when you could use say a 24-85 3.5-4.5 or whatever it is which is a fraction of the size/weight? (and probably around half the cost of the 12-40 olympus and probably not THAT far off the same weight either - bet its less than 100g difference, and the nikkor will effectively be faster since the 12-40 is going to be an equivalent 24-80/5.6))

I'll let you know how well the Olympus M-1 stacks up under the conditions I just outlined against my FF cameras. I do own a D3S, along with D700, D800, and D800E.

That's ok, I already pre ordered my EM1 a number of months ago. I am sure it will have many redeeming qualities and I'm hoping I'll really like it, however I know for certain its going to suck compared to a big nikon when shot in anger. But it will be smaller.

We're not talking DOF, so please explain exposure wise how an Olympus f2.8 lens is an equivalent to a FF 5.6 lens. I'm willing to bet the 24-85 isn't weather sealed. Since we're talking weight.

D800 900g
MD-DB12 544g
24-85 465g
Total 1909g

M1 497g
HLD-7 235g
12-40/2.8 382g
Total 1114g

795g difference, or 1.75 pounds.

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