Roger Cicala investigates accuracy of lens adapters

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Roger Cicala investigates accuracy of lens adapters

So we've read the investigation and its conclusions, mainly that (1) Lens adapters are unacceptable for lens testing, and (2) "What does it mean in the real world... probably not a lot"

So far, so good - no surprises there at all.

But have you read the comments - particularly this from "Plastek"

"So much for all these people thinking that shooting mirrorless with adapters is a valid way for photography" Blimey!

in other words - all of us using adapters and legacy lenses on our Nex (and other mirrorless)cameras are wasting our time, its not valid, its not real, its not photography. Really?

This has to be some sort of challenge. So all you legacy lens users lets see some of your 'not valid' pictures, whether they be crisp super-sharp, atmospheric, just something you really like,

and flick the V's at Mr 'Plastek'

nice and crispy at the front of the loco, unknown punter and his kid deliberately soft


Another conclusion was that legacy lenses would always perform better in their original system. that may not be true for '110' lenses

I am quite sure a good number of you can do much better than this.


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