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Re: To be a Hedonist is to be an egoist

lylejk wrote:

Not quite; hedonism (stand corrected) is being motivated by pleasure and what makes them feel good. Egoism is motivated by what makes them look good.

The sin is the SAME, the glorifying of the self.

Altruism in it's pure form is just idealism and don't truly exists if you ask me.

That;s ok I wasn't asking you. Altruism in all its form takes place thousands of times a day. It takes an egoist to assume that everyone else is an egoist.

Unfortunately there are many folk that call themselfs altruist and in reality want to force their beliefs on others. This isn't altruism anymore; this is totalitarianism. A true altruists makes sacrifices for others and don't expect anything in return.

So? There are totalitarians in this world. What does that have to do with anything?

A totalitarianist forces all to make sacrifices for what they believe is the better good for all, but that begs the questions, who makes the decision for the collective? There's always a dictator under such situations and that's why this form of thought is dead on arival to me.

Yeah, we all know how Washington made millions out of the Revolutionary War. How those who served in all of our wars, did it only for profit.

He either fears his fate to much
Or his deserts are small
That dares not put it to the touch
To gain or lose it all.



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"Everyone who has ever lived, has lived in Modern Times"

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