How can I keep my D-600 when...

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I agree with kiirokurisu - please jog on.

I like to jog.

Look, the pudding's proof will be in the D610. We know for a fact that some D600s are perfect while others have upper-left blobbing which Nikon has NOT been able to fix in every case. I'm not going to guess the percentage, Nikon may not even know. No one knows, agreed?

But if the D610 comes out with too small to mention improvements (like +0.5 fps) but with a whole new shutter mechanism that solves the issue, then and only then will we conclude that the D600 has a major design flaw. If the D610 comes out with the exact same shutter w/blobbing and some minor improvements, then they are indeed playing Russian Roulette with the bodies where some are affected but not all. And if that indeed happens, the D6XX line will be a black mark for Nikon and they'll be losing a ton of customers.


All I can say is this - none of the bodies I bought had this issue. I've shot white walls OOF at F22 till the cows come home trying to replicate it. No sign of oil. Some dust, but a rocket blower sorted that out.

I can only assume from that experience that only some of the D600s were affected by the problem. I can also assume that the impact of the problem was greatly exaggerated by the joys of word of mouth on tinternet fora like this and the fact the camera body was purchased by a lot of people as their first FF camera (it wasn't mine). It's a fact that FF cameras collect more dust, which is more visible. New users see dust on their sensors and assume they have this problem. They don't, they just own a FF camera and all of the joys of keeping a FF sensor clean and free of dust - same as would apply with a D800E or a 5D/6D.

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