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Re: You get over it!

Michel J wrote:

K E Hoffman wrote:

So Sony bought a failing Minolta camera division that released technology 1-2 years after Canon and Nikon.

Are you kidding? Imho, Konica-Minolta failed about APS-C films, not digital! The KM D7D and D5D was the most advanced APS-C cameras in that time. With perfect colours according to AdobeRGB and graphic industry. It was the reason of the join-venture between Konica & Minolta (the first brand providing expertise about film knowledge and the other about photography measuring instruments). How many professionnals known about the Minolta Thermocolorimeter III and Light-meters? When all technologies was embedded in them DSLR!

With the first world innovation in-body "Anti-Shake" which was a big upgrade for free of all your lens lineup making them stabilized - WB in Kelvin degree OR manually - "ready to print JPEG" in-camera design, very few noise (and so on). In that time probably the state of the art of sensors technology, but spent too unnoticed (a CCD Sony of course). So what? Take a look at DxO, and compare with Hassy and we can talking again concerning as supposedly "outdated technology"! Proof it was not, Sony bought it! When in that time Nikon suffer of WB callibration and provide images hopelessly flat, when Canon had noisy and redish rendering. (But overall all good DSLR).

But thanks, you make me smile! No offense but you reminding some points which are well known, and probably other what you ignore?!?!?

I know about all the innovation...

the innovation you mention is why my first DSLR was a Konica-Minolta 5D having shot Canon and Nikon before.. but I had to read to find it..

But it came in a camera very late to the game.. and the in-camera stabilization was needed because they never stabilized any of their A-mount lenses.  It makes for a system I like better, but Digital gave them a mulligan for missing out on stabilized optics for the SLRs.

Then when I wanted the camera.. I couldn't try it or buy it locally I had to go to B&H..

a77 is my first Video Live View "DSLR" I didn't have need for it.. and worried it would detract from Still quality.. BUT I am glad they ignored my concerns and create the SLTs. And I had tried it at two dealers and one local Photo Show..

And I have noted the A99 didn't come out as a 36MP camera.. so will not only be full-frame but better in low light.. vs just being "More MP" for marketing.. they gave us the a77 innovation with a Pro Quality IQ level that is very close to Nikon and Canon. (which considering the 1/3 to 1/2 stop loss the SLT technology costs is really good.

So I don't have to be optimistic about Sony and the a-mount.. they have made the case that they are willing to innovate and do what it takes to increase its share.. while growing to almost match Canon in camera sales period.

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