Ergonomics question to Canon users from a Nikon user

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control dials, horizontal v vertical.

DigitalPhilosopher wrote:

I'm a Nikon user. Whenever someone asks me the silly question "which is better, Nikon or Canon", I tell them they're both excellent systems, with plenty of options, and that they should try them both to see how they fit in their own hands.

Having used both Nikon and Canon, but being an active Nikon user, the one thing that for me personally seals the deal for Nikon is the horizontal orientation of the dial(s). I just can't get used to the Canons' vertically orientated dial on the top.

At the beninning of the era of all-electronic AF SLRs, controls no longer needed a mechanical connection to the shutter or aperture.  In light of that design freedom both Nikon and Canon carefully studied the ergonomics of control placement.   Nikon chose horizontal orientation of the shutter speed dial (adjusted with right index finger) and aperture dial (adjusted with right thumb) with their first F401/N4004 in 1986 and have continued it ever since, though the dials have moved from next to the pentaprism to directly in front and behind the shutter button.  They're not about to change it.

With the very first EOS in 1986, Canon chose to mount the control dials vertically and have continued that placement on every model since.  They're not about to change it.

You prefer the Nikon horizontal orientation, I prefer the EOS vertical orientation.  Both are very good ergonomically.  Neither one is "right" or "wrong", just different.

Not everyone's hand/finger dexterity is the same.  Isn't it wonderful that users have a choice? 

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