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Re: 35mm Film is somehow optimal for digital sensors?

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Jere Landis wrote:

I shot Canon for years and still use a Canon DSLR sometimes. I went over the the Canon forum I used to frequent a lot, guess what, the activity there is not near what it is here. Why do you think that is the case.

Canon and Nikon have had decades to hone and perfect things like the ergonomics of their cameras,

Really? Each to their own. I think the ergonomics of full frame DSLR's just plain suck. They are bloated boat anchors compared to 35mm Film SLR's

I think this is essentially correct. I think the "decades of refinement" went into the 35mm film cameras.

I'm afraid I have to respectfully disagree. But then I'm not 100% sure that we're on the same wavelength here.

My original posts was frankly, a bit of a windup, but with a healthy does of truth in it. My comment quoted above is about ergonomics, and as someone who shoots professionally, where you need to be able to operate the camera quickly, reliably and flexibly in a whole number of situations, then I'm afraid nothing, and I mean NOTHING in MFT comes anywhere NEAR the performance of something like a D3 or 1DS3.

Have you used the OMD E-M1?  What camera are you using to compare with D3 in m4/3?  I also shoot professionally, and I have the greatest respect for the (Dated now)(film) Minolta Maxxum 9 -- which I contend is the best 35mm body ever made; albeit an undersung hero.

I don't disagree that some might call them 'bloated boat anchors', but as tools that get the job done, they are in a totally different class, and its MFT cameras that 'totally suck', and this is coming from someone who not only shoots those FF cams mentioned, but also shoots GH3 and EM5 along side. I love the small cameras for portability, but dear god are they miles behind the pro cams at the moment in a whole bunch of operational ways.

I suspect anyone who thinks otherwise really hasn't had to use a pro DSLR in anger.

OK, so you have/are using GH3 and EM5.  I've not shot either, but I've done lots of arm-chair investigation into the E-M1 -- and think this one is a different beast from the GH3 and EM5, JMO.   D3 or 1DS3 are Miles ahead of E-M1?  I don't think so.  Familiarity-wise, yes.  I would not begin to denigrate a D3 or 1Ds -- that would be silly; but take yet another look at the E-M1.  FWIW:  I can set Histogram Hi & Lo levels in the EVF -- both in different colors and the metered portion of the Histogram is displayed in yet another different color.  Did you look at the way the switch to the left of the EVF works?  It switches 4 controls into another bank -- all completely customizable.  I can also do one touch CWB -- although I do like Canon's approach of taking any photo and making it CWB.  I can twiddle a dial and get the effect of different color filters on the lens for B&W photos.  All this is in a body that is smaller, lighter, less expensive, and weather sealed -- and has a vertical grip!  What do those other FF bodies exactly have that makes them so superior in your thoughts?  Everyone wants to know.  Want to talk lenses?  More Ergo? Speed? Portability? Let's try to get a discussion going here!  Fire away!

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