Why are so few lenses bought per DSLR? (Motivation of two polls)

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Re: People buy the lenses they feel they need. . .

Thanks for all the answers. I was interested in a specific question (see OP), but there are some interesting comments around the topic of why people have different numbers of lenses/camera.

At present there are 40 answers to the 'bought' poll and 60 to the 'available to buy' poll. Clearly some people didn't answer both polls. On the (shaky) assumption that the two groups of people are not biased with respect to each other, it is clear (eye-balling test, P <<0.05 ) that lenses/camera bought is generally less than lenses/camera available to use. For 'bought', the median (the middle-ranked vote) is >2 to 5, and for 'available to use' it is >5 to 10. This is the kind of difference I expected to find between these two numbers. Obviously, if the sample was of more 'entry-level' photographers, both the medians would be lower, but the difference would very likely still exist.

If you still want to vote, the polls are here:

'bought': http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/52242300

'available to use': http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/52242304

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