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You can't be so dismissive of an official statement and expect people to believe your baseless speculation. The above post of yours isn't a well thought out argument or looking at it with a "critical view". It's not even a sensible opinion as those have to have something to back them up.

Sony have said what they are going to do. You have chosen not to believe them but for no good reason.

We have chosen to be skeptics on Sony's saying what they are going to do, official or not. Because they so often have done far less than they said they were going to do. Or in doing what they say they compromise some other part of their photography gear's capability. Or do the exact opposite of what they say.

There is very good reason for this, we have experienced Sony behaviour over considerable time. What they do is real, their talk is not. They have built up a considerable pattern of behavior, that's quite real.

True !

And a sign that never fails is that the launch of the A3000 shows and proves that they are ready for a mirrorless DSLR design! For more ... ...


Or it proves that the DSLR design is soo popular that they needed to offer a NEX camera that looks like one. NEX came out and people screamed SEE SONY HATES DSLRs.. Since then how many DSLR format cameras with innovative technology have they released?

As a formerly reprographer, I believe that the SLT design is the most advanced DSLR ever. Like you have a real-time digital Polaroid (this EVF obeys the finger and the eye!)

So Sony bought a failing Minolta camera division that released technology 1-2 years after Canon and Nikon.

Are you kidding? Imho, Konica-Minolta failed about APS-C films, not digital! The KM D7D and D5D was the most advanced APS-C cameras in that time. With perfect colours according to AdobeRGB and graphic industry. It was the reason of the join-venture between Konica & Minolta (the first brand providing expertise about film knowledge and the other about photography measuring instruments). How many professionnals known about the Minolta Thermocolorimeter III and Light-meters? When all technologies was embedded in them DSLR!

With the first world innovation in-body "Anti-Shake" which was a big upgrade for free of all your lens lineup making them stabilized - WB in Kelvin degree OR manually - "ready to print JPEG" in-camera design, very few noise (and so on). In that time probably the state of the art of sensors technology, but spent too unnoticed (a CCD Sony of course). So what? Take a look at DxO, and compare with Hassy and we can talking again concerning as supposedly "outdated technology"! Proof it was not, Sony bought it! When in that time Nikon suffer of WB callibration and provide images hopelessly flat, when Canon had noisy and redish rendering. (But overall all good DSLR).

But thanks, you make me smile! No offense but you reminding some points which are well known, and probably other what you ignore?!?!?

Brought out dozens of Amount and Nex cameras. Three Pro Level Full Frame DSLRs

Over 50 a-mount and nex lenses

The fastest and highest resolution DSLR. Before Canon and Nikon and still has not been 100% answered.

Has taken on a new flash mount that allows for use of ISO standard flash triggers and adds new ability at the same time. After people asked for it for a long time.

Has gotten several Camera of the Year Awards and the entire time.. people have posted proof that Sony is about to give up and walk away..

I am not sure that it is SONY's performance (done in one of the worst economies in that last 50 years) or people's personal no compromise wish list for a perfect camera company that creates negativity.

They keep building and improving and some people keep looking for the end.. It's like Magellan coming back from his voyage around the world and I am sure some people still thought you could sail off the edge of the planet, and Magellan just wasn't smart enough to see the truth.

Agreed, I just pointed legitimate concerns, which regularly arise because of a sort of recurent lack of cohesion in the Sony lineup. What else?
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