Ergonomics question to Canon users from a Nikon user

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Re: Ergonomics question to Canon users from a Nikon user

I started with the Nikon but never liked the front dial and usually changed the function. Doesn't project enough & too difficult to turn. Got a surprise when had to dial exposure compensation on Canon's "image viewing" dial during a shot.

The D300 looks like a camera with lots of handy buttons but I preferred the Canon 40D from the same era, with those RH dual function buttons with the dials.

Also, one curious thing was that with the fatter but less wide Nikon bodies I had a tendency to twist the camera in the RH when pressing the shutter which was particularly bad with telephotos. I had to remember to discipline myself about that with the Nikons in a way that wasn't necessary elsewhere.

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(Of course, you could argue the toss just to please yourself)

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