Ergonomics question to Canon users from a Nikon user

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Re: Ergonomics question to Canon users from a Nikon user

DigitalPhilosopher wrote:

Speaking about the menus, I have had hard time understanding the philosophies of the Canon menus (although I'm sure this is just my fault, coz I'm used to Nikon's) but on the other hand the grouping of the Nikon menus is rather poorly designed, I think.

Neither manufacturer got it quite right overall imo. Canon's menu is easier to navigate but it's not always easy to tell what a particular function does exactly without referring to the manual (and sometimes not even then). Maybe it's a translation thing?

Nikon's menus on the other hand, as you noticed yourself, are much more of a chore to navigate. Generally though, I find that once a particular function is located it's a lot easier to anticipate what it actually does.

That said, I think both have improved in recent years. e.g. the Q menu and touchscreen on newer Canon bodies are quite a big step in the right direction. It makes sense if you think about it as they were not really "digital" companies until recently and understanding the nuances of menu-driven UI's requires significant background and experience in both the domain (digital photography) and digital UX design. While they arguably have decent domain experience now, I think they are only now starting to invest in the latter.

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