Happy with what you have?

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Gary Martin
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Re: Happy with what you want?

It's not human nature to be satisfied for any length of time, especially with consumer luxury goods. I find it rather illuminating that those in this thread who claim to be so "happy" with their gear are all flaunting very recent purchases, at least a camera body that was introduced within the last couple of years. It's as if we've arrived at some magic plateau of technology where all of our needs have finally been met. I'm sure they'll be even happier with their next, imminent purchases, because in spite of the OPs warning, this dysfunctional world economy will continue to figure out a way to trundle along for the foreseeable future. Yes, the "middle class" or what's left of it will be a bit poorer every year, and the 1% will be richer every year, but professional sports, mass shootings and celebrity scandal will provide enough distraction to keep the mobs off the streets - and we photo enthusiasts will keep populating our Amazon wishlists with Newer and Better camera gear.

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