Official statement on Sony A-mount future...

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Re: Official statement on Sony A-mount future...

sensibill wrote:

theswede wrote:

If you think this is a statement safeguarding the A mount read it again.

It is. Sony makes money on the A mount, both on new lenses and bodies and on the halo effect of having high end FF A mount bodies.

And no product Sony made money on was ever canceled or forced into sunset whilst they issued statements to the contrary. Nope, never.

Not to my knowledge, no.

Meanwhile, in reality world, there was one A mount APS-C camera in 2013. That, compared to seven in 2010, three in 2011, two in 2012.

And as usual on the DSLR/SLT the cheaper models have fast turnaround and the high end models have not been around for as long as the canikon high end models normally are around. Business as usual.

On Planet E mount, things look decidedly more rosy. The ILCE is being rapidly followed up by subsequent models according to SAR and there were two E mount APS-C cameras in 2010 and three every year since.

And since the E mount cameras generally are cheaper and more low end they as expected have faster turnaround. Quite annoying for those who buy the earlier models, but it will settle down a bit soon.

Mountains out of molehills. Systems evolve and adapt, but even lenses over fifty years old are still as useable with modern systems as they were back then - even more so, with the modern advances in focus feedback to the photographer.

As A mount cameras stand now, this is true (except where it applies to Sigma compatibility issues). But looking ahead, requiring an expensive or bulky (or both) adapter doesn't equate to 'as useable' <sic> in my book. And from what Sony has said, I think it's a valid concern.

Apologies for the spelling error. We can switch to Swedish if you prefer? As to usability, I find M42 lenses and Leica lenses with adapters on NEX to be fantastic. I wouldn't expect A mount lenses to be appreciably worse.

This is the time for people to be making waves to let Sony know we want more direct A mount cameras for our investment in Minolta and Sony MAF/SAL lenses, not adapters for NEX or ILCE.

And whining endlessly on dpreview about how Sony have treated you in the past is just the way to make things happen!


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