Problems with Sim2000 Digital Album - Warped Pages

Started Sep 30, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Problems with Sim2000 Digital Album - Warped Pages

Hi, hope someone can help, and that this is the correct forum to discuss this issue!

Has anyone used Sim2000 for wedding albums? I’ve started using them after doing some research on wedding albums, and ordered 2 sample ‘digital albums’ for wedding fayres as well as 3 albums for brides.  The pages on both my sample albums have started to bend and warp within days or weeks of ordering.

I emailed Sim2000 and got the below response:

Many thanks for your email and the photographs. I apologise that the album has warped. Unfortunately this is a common side effect of temperature changes that photographic products are very susceptible to. Any moisture in the air, whether is particularly hot, cold or raining, or if the album is taken out of the warmth of a house suddenly into the cold of a car, will have an effect on the pages. Photographic products will absorb any moisture and warp which is what the pages in your album have done. As I said it is unfortunately quite a common problem but somewhat luckily its easily remedied. The album needs weighed down while it expels the water. If you lay the album on a flat surface somewhere dry perhaps near a radiator (though not too close) and place a protective layer over the cover to prevent any indentations, then heavily weigh the albums down, it will begin to flatten. Do not be afraid to place heavier items on the album, as the heavy it is, the quicker it flattens. This is the process we go through here if any albums warp and we usually leave them for 2-3 days to ensure they are fully conditioned to lay flat.

I hope this helps explain the issue and hopefully the weighing down will completely solve the problem. Please let me know if the problem persists at all.

My concern is that the people I’m doing the wedding abums for will also get this problem, and not be happy in doing the above due to expectations in paying for a ‘premium product’ (Sim2000 charge over £200). I’m worried I’ll need to get album re-prints, possibly with another supplier, wasting time and money.

Just a couple of questions:

- Has anyone else had this problem? If so, how frequent is it? What are Sim2000 like for reimbursing or reprinting the album?

- Does this also happen with other suppliers, if not then who would you recommend for a similar product?

Thanks in advance – there’s been a lot of interest in these albums at a recent wedding fayre and I don’t want to be haunted with brides receiving faulty products!

I’d rather not change supplier now as I’ve spent money (and time!) on the sample albums, but if this keeps happening then I’d have to consider cutting my losses!

Many thanks

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