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Re: PS or PSE11 - 8 bit colour

MikeFromMesa wrote:

Basalite wrote:

Unfortunately none of those add-ons add any 16 bit capabilities or tools worth anything, and that's being generous, which is why I recommend Paint Shop Pro, even if you are using a Mac. I run Paint Shop Pro through Parallels in Windows 8 on my Mac and it works great. Mac users could by a copy of Windows 8, Parallels 8 and Paint Shop Pro X5 for not much more than the cost of Elements 12 and have a far more capable image editor.

At Amazon Parallels 8 is about $55, Windows 8 about $96 and PSP X5 about $22. That is a total of $173.

B&H Photo has Parallels 8 and Windows 8 as a bundle for $108.

Elements 12, also at Amazon, costs about $86 so the cost of the package for PSP is more than twice the amount.

But it seems to me that the figures are not fairly represented. Parallels 8and PSP X5 are both previous versions of their software. Elements 12 is the latest version of Elements. It seems to me that a more fair comparison would be to compare the latest version of each product or the previous version of each product.

Latest version:

Parallels 9 costs about $80, Windows 8 about $96 and PSP X6 about $86. That is a total of $262 compared to $86.

The latest version of Parallels and Paint Shop Pro isn't needed Mike. With the bundle I posted above and the $22 cost for Paint Shop Pro X5 you are looking at $130 minus the $86 for Elements 12 and you have a small difference of  $46. For that difference you get a far more capable image editor where nearly every tool is 16 bit and you have now given your Mac the ability to run Windows programs, again all for a $46 difference.

Previous version:

As above, Parallels 8, Windows 8 and PSP X5 is about $173.

Elements 11 costs about $72.

I understand the thrust of your argument and I don't disagree, but perhaps the figures should be consistent. Also it seems to me that Elements is not a bad editor. Certainly it is limited in functionality and only supports 8 bit operations for a subset of that functionality, but it is more than sufficient for many users.

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