How can I keep my D-600 when...

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Re: How can I keep my D-600 when...

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I had lot's of spots on the sensor, then got the camera r+r by Nikon. Less than 100 shots later I have MORE spots....a lot of them. I was working in the studio using the camera for a catalog and now I have spots on the products and around the products. This is wrong to sell a camera that is clearly defective.

AND spots are not always in a sky etc. Spots on products are sometimes very difficult to remove.

Oh, yes I was working at f11.....because the job called for that. Very Disappointed....

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You have a good case for a replacement or refund. Who did you buy the camera from? In law its really their responsibility, but you may persuade Nikon to replace it with a D610.

Why do you think the problem will be fixed with a D610? I would be willing to bet that the shutter in the D610 can be installed in the D600 as well. Unless Nikon has designed some new electronics into it that won't work on a D600. If the shutter can be put into a D600 why isn't it already being done with repairs?

What a lot of speculation, all groundless. If Nikon did not have a problem with the D600 the D610 would not be released so soon, and if the D610 is not redesigned to fix the problem then Nikon are going to look pretty stupid.

Interchangeable? I have no idea. But if so, how come none of the shutter and mirror box replacements seem to work? There must have been some other more profound design flaw which Nikon have not admitted to.

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