panasonic [GM1] Electronic Shutter - explain the advantage???

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Re: Electronic Shutter - the real advantage

Guy Parsons wrote:

007peter wrote:

According to 43rumor, the upcoming super tiny Panasonic GM1 will use an electronic shutter.

So what is the big deal about it? I'm assuming it'll be quieter right? The only Electronic Shutter I remember is the old Nikon D50, which employ a hybrid electronic/mechanical shutter allowing the flash sync to go to 1/500s instead of 1/200s. Are there other advantage???

For photographers a proper global shutter (if that is what it might be) makes the camera a little more flexible and nice and quiet.

But the real advantage is for the camera makers, the body becomes a lot cheaper and easier to make without that clunky limited life focal plane shutter in it.

Regards....... Guy

I think that this could be something about GM1...

Truesence M4/3 sensor with global shutter

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