How can I keep my D-600 when...

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Re: How can I keep my D-600 when...

if u keep it, u really have only a couple of choices.

1. send it to nikon and let them do their "fix". if it works, you'll reduce your frequency of required cleaning. if it doesn't work, send it in again and push-push-push.  yes, what a pain!

2. get the copperhill basic kit and clean. blow first (always) and wet clean as required.  when i wet clean, i have no visible spots up to f32 or more.

generally: check and clean before a product shoot. do a quick sensor check every once in a while until u get control of the problem.  u could check by snapping a quick jpg of a white piece of paper. and zoom in on the lcd.  the check shouldn't take more than a minute.  have your copperhill swab ready-to-go. with practice, you'll be able to check and clean inside of 5 minutes.

yes, not fun.

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