Happy with what you have?

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Re: Happy with what you have?

My first digital camera the Canon G1 still works after 13 years, but 3mp is not enough in todays market.

My first DSLR the Canon 5D mkII bought in 2009 is still working perfectly and I would be content to continue on with that. However last year Santa provided me with a Sony RX-1 and this year I got a 5D3 mate for my 5D2 along with a fantastic 24-70/2.8 II as well as a 2nd 5D2 when they were selling the last of the stock.

So actually I think in terms of shutter life now as one thinks of mileage on an automobile. With 5 Canon DSLRs 1 MILC and a few digital compacts I think I'm good for another 6-700,000 more photos before I need a shutter engine swap. I estimate at the 50,000 or so images I'm able to snap each year, 10 years from now is when I'll be looking for new cameras or shutter servicing. The lenses I own are another issue, but I handle them very carefully so I'm expecting they will last at least as long.

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