GX7 is already $100 off at adorama

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Eamon Hickey Veteran Member • Posts: 4,063
yes, most likely

Olymore wrote:

This particular discount may have been prompted by the distributor cutting the price of the camera due to the exchange rate changing.

This is the most likely explanation. The value of the yen has been falling fairly steadily for many months (which lowers the cost of the camera for the importer -- i.e. Panasonic USA pays less to import the camera into the U.S.).

It's possible that Panasonic USA set the initial price of the camera based on a conservative guess about where the yen/dollar exchange rate would stabilize, knowing that if the yen continued to fall they could offer rebates to the customer or to the retailer and thereby lower the retail price. And the yen has continued to slide, more or less.

There's a lot of rebates out there on cameras right now, from most manufacturers, and the yen devaluation is the explanation for nearly all of them.

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