GX7 EVF great or not so great

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Re: Oh, come on now

nevada5 wrote:

Kim Letkeman wrote:

Trevor Carpenter wrote:

I was very unimpressed with the GX7s EVF and several others have commented similarly. Others have said how brilliant it is. If you've seen a GX7 perhaps you'd like to vote. It is hard to believe that views can be so different on a simple assessment.

Have you met the human race?

I think you're being rather pessimistic.

I was being neither pessimistic nor optimistic ... I was indicating that the human race has an extreme level of variance in beliefs.

Take the U.S. Congress, for example. An issue comes up and with a few trivial exceptions they generally are in agreement on nearly every ---- Oh, wait, I was thinking of something else. Never mind.

I see what you did there.

Yes, the congress is probably the best example of people disagreeing despite their personal beliefs and despite the teachings of people much more intelligent (but much less wealthy) than they ...

The sad fact is that the west and possibly the entire planet will suffer because of it ... the spectacular wealth gap, the potential services shut down in the US, the potential collapse of the world wide economy, the return of long vanquished diseases throughout the US ... there is little good that comes from institutionalizing ignorance ...

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