D800 Portrait Lens Battle!

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Re: D800 Portrait Lens Battle!

Mariner77 wrote:

Great review!

I wondered if Tamron got f/4 even you setlled f/2.8 because it is a macro lens?

All lenses look good at bokeh. It will be really helpful to me because I am between 85mm 1.8g and Tamron 90m 2.8 vc. I wonder how much difference will be apper on my d7100 which is not a full frame. It seems Tamron is getting increase its quality, but I think people still have projuidice about 3rd party lenses because I couldn't find user reviews about the lens even it seem very successful on paper and tests. I wonder what aboutt the aouto focus speed of these two lenses. I heard that Nikon is kind of slow, on the other hand Macro lenses known slow about focusing as well.

Thank you for this helpful post.

YES, the Tamron cannot hold the 2.8 at closer distances, but it can focus MUCH closer and still best the others in bokeh. But bokeh aside, it can't match the 1.8 when light is poor.

While there is always gear-head mentality that doesn't care when a lens does better than a Nikon or Canon optic, the Tamron 90 (in it's varied versions) has always been a big hit and few doubt it's capability.

Tamron now has 3 lenses that I believe to be better than the Nikon stuff. The Tamron 90 VC is superior to the Nikon 105vr. It's as good as the Sigma 150 in fact. There is no way that anyone would choose the 105vr over the new Tamron 90 VC if they test them back-to-back. The 105vr is an old lens and in need of an update.

Tamron's 24-70 VC and 70-300 VC also better the Nikon offerings, though many will argue over the 24-70.


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