D800 Portrait Lens Battle!

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Re: D800 Portrait Lens Battle!

tektrader wrote:

Good post Robert, ")

Your results mirror mine with regards the 70-200 and the Nikon 85mm 1,8. I also had the Samyang 85mm 1.4 as well.

The Nikon 85mm for me was underwhelming, poor chromatic aberration performance and inaccurate auto focus, The Samyang had more character and way better Bokeh. It also just had Something as regards colour that was very nice.

But at the end of the day the 70-200 was very very good in terms of sharpness really wasnt any worse than the other 2 even when used at F2.8.

I sent the 2 primes back and kept the zoom. I have been thinking a Zeiss may be on the horizon for portraits.

Everyone I know complains about a subtle AF issue with the 85mm 1.8 and 1.8G lenses. Up until this past weekend I attributed such comments to sloppy technique or just common error when shooting with very little DOF. But shooting with this group at around the same distances at settings that were close, the 85mm did return front or back focused images for no apparent reason. It did not happen often, but none of the other lenses did it at all. Very odd, and yet I'm still not 100% it's not user error because the lens does not ever miss when I'm actively testing for this issue.

CA issues with the 85mm are real, but do vary with samples. I think mine does pretty well, but my new 50mm 1.8G has loads of it.

I like Zeiss, but the MF makes it less than practical for me as I do a lot of candid work. I have no idea why they don't add AF to their lenses at this point.


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