GX7 EVF great or not so great

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Re: GX7 EVF great or not so great

Jay Kim wrote:

EVF isn't as big as the G6 when in 4:3 or 3:2 mode. I mainly use 3:2 (I'm old school) which does make the use of the 16:9 ratio shaped EVF a bit better than 4:3 on the GX7. I don't wear glasses which is good and bad as the EVF eye cup is a lot smaller than GH2/G6 I had meaning I could't rest my eye (eye brow part) on it. If I try, the small EVF cup will poke my eye. I think I'm definitely going to buy the optional bigger eye cup for it as I really prefer to rest it against my eye brow.

Good point, I felt the same way, too.  Didn't know there was a bigger eye cup option.

The view of the EVF display was very clear. No issues when moving a little left or right off angle. The so-called rainbow effect was hardly noticeable for me. I know what it is as my GH2 had it but I really had to move it around to get a glimpse of it in the GX7. In real use, I doubt I'll care.

Now that you mention it, I haven't noticed the rainbow effect since watching for it, and seeing it, on the first day I had it.  Basically it hasn't come up with my type of shooting.  At least not so far.

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