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Re: Learning lens design

OpticsEngineer wrote:

It has taken me a little while to think of a hopefully useful response. In my case I have separate masters degrees in Optical Engineering and in Electrical Engineering so the "where to get started" answer is a bit elusive to me.

Fair enough. My PhD is in Computer Science from an Electrical Engineering department (what we'd now call Computer Engineering), but I began as double major between Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. The only optics I've seen in courses were in Physics, and I don't recall ever putting two elements together.

A lot of the nuts and bolts about optical design I learned on the job from older engineers/physicists. And a lot of it I learned in lab work, fielding instruments, or from customers.

That's what I suspected. Rather like what happened in the Power Engineering field... Optics seems to be one of those fields that slowly became less of an emphasis in university settings although it is still much needed in the real world.

I'll check out the books you mentioned.

Any lens design software that is free (open source) and not total junk? I have a large supercomputing facility in my lab, so software that I can tweak to run on my clusters would be highly desirable... I might not know the right questions to ask, but have tons of compute hardware to spend on optimization.

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