Official statement on Sony A-mount future...

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Re: Official statement on Sony A-mount future...

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That would be wrong too. There are plenty of reasons to kill a less profitable line to support a more profitable line.

What are those reasons? Keep in mind we are talking about "less profitable", not a product that is losing money. See my response to the poster below you in the thread.

Q: If you own a store, when would you stop selling a low profit product?
A: When you can replace it with a more profitable one.

So if you go into a car store you find no compact cars for sale, since they have all been replaced with mid and large size cars? Oh, and those have of course been replaced with high end sports cars, of course.

It doesn't work this way. Low margin products are mainstream bestsellers and will not be discontinued just because there exist high margin replacements - because the high margin replacements will not sell at comparable volume.

Low profit products are where the money is. It's what makes the majority of companies tick. Apple is the exception to this, and while everyone wants to be Apple no-one but Apple actually manages (when we limit the area to consumer electronics).

So no, less profitable products will not be replaced just because there are more profitable products around. There are a lot of other factors that play a part in the decision what to manufacture.


Jesper gets it. We were never talking about replacing a product with a newer one. The conversation deals with two existing products that generate separate revenue streams.

Is that so?
Story#1 Sony Cancels the Alpha A3xx line(amount).
Story#2 Sony introduces the Alpha A3000(emount)

And Jespers point is laughable. The Amount isnt a "mainstream bestseller". Nor is the Amount the Low Profit product that is racking in big bucks for Sony.

The conversation is about the system, not individual bodies within it. Do not let the nomenclature confuse you, "Sonyspeak" is different than others. Old models are phased out, retired, end production runs all the time in every industry. New models are introduced. No surprises there.

Please post your Sony spreadsheet info so we can all make deductions from the same set of facts and end the financial speculation.

Sony Alpha Amount camera's = Low Margin, high volume camera that rakes in big profits? Get serious.

Instead of me looking it up.... why don't you do your own leg work. Or just learn to use common sense.

Common sense? Lets put it out there. Since 2012 Sony has released 5 NEX e-mount bodies. Over that same time period they have released 4 Alpha mount bodies. This thread is in response to an official statement from Sony about continuing support for the Alpha mount system. These are facts, supported by public record and verifiable.  I asked you to provide some to the contrary to support you position. You have not. Common sense, or the concept there of, has no bearing on this situation. We are talking about factual record.

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