Cancelled my E-M1 order

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Unable to grasp reality?

rovingtim wrote:

boggis the cat wrote:

You need to understand that the second part you emphasise goes with the first part: "... maximizes the image sensor performance to ensure outstanding image quality while also being smaller than 35 mm film SLR camera lens systems."

Then why did Olympus say this to Darrell while talking about the EM1 ... which has better IQ than any previous 4/3rds camera?

Olympus says if you need absolute image quality or more megapixels then FF is better,

Well, gee Tim -- why do you think?  Is it because what Olympus said happens to be correct?  If you want 36 MPixels then the E-M1 won't deliver, will it?  And it is no surprise that spending two or three times more for a larger and heavier system will net you an image quality gain -- or at least not to me.

Why can't you understand such simply concepts?

You are doing a good imitation of someone reading what you want to read in order to have the reality you want to have.

No, Tim.  You are -- as usual -- failing to grasp the situation.

It isn't complicated, so I can only speculate that you are looking for some alternative rationale for moving back to MicroFT now, even though the sensor size has stayed the same.

MicroFT is indeed a smaller system than standard FT, and it has compromises to achieve that.  If the new compromises look better to you then that's fine -- but it does not mean that the standard FT compromises were 'wrong' for everyone else, or that we were buying FT solely because it was smaller than APS-C (which I certainly wasn't, as I had my eye on the definitely-not-small 50-200).

By the way, greetings to Boggis' thumbs up brigade I'm sure you are all just as open minded as he is.

Who is 'thumbing up' your posts?  Do you thumb your own posts up?

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