I'm done with DSLRs, but I owe everything to them

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Re: I'm done with DSLRs, but I owe everything to them

Bob Tullis wrote:

Ed B wrote:

Well I wouldn't worry too much about what some people might say about your camera/lenses, etc.

I really don't. I used to wonder why that stuff hit a nerve, though. Now it's just interesting to see how it plays out, so often.

Everybody knows that if your camera has been replaced by a newer model or is the wrong brand it's probably not capable of allowing you to take a decent picture. Besides that, we all know that 24MP is much better than 16MP and and that pros who use to shoot with 6MP were lucky to sell anything.

My camera's sensor technology is better than your sensor and if you don't buy what I bought (and will be satisfied with for at least 3 months) you simply don't know anything about photography.

Awwww. . . now you made my sensor feel bad about itself. Have you no compassion, man!?

(It'll be WEEKS now until I can get something decent out of it. Curses!)

Sounds like the only solution to your problem is to replace your E-M5 with an E-M1.  Or have you already given into the temptation?

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