Cancelled my E-M1 order

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Re: Cancelled my E-M1 order

erichK wrote:

Anastigmat wrote:

The female pros won't be using the EM-1. The amateurs just use a camera phone or smart phone. There is no market among them for the EM-1.

That may be true. I know one prize winning would-like-to-be pro who chronically damaged her wrist and neck using a Nikon F5 and then D3 on freelance assignments. Last I heard from her, she was using a D90 and would have liked to find something smaller, but was afraid the it would make her look less "professional".

Just look at ThikTank's video clips. For new product after new product, the tend to be of a 120-140 pound woman carrying a significant fraction of that weight (and sometimes even size!) in "professional" equipment. Idiotic IMHO.

Well ... sports/wildlife kits are probably the heaviest, and indeed two D4s plus a 500/4 and a 200-400/4 weigh about 10kg.  It's a lot.  But you know what else weighs about 10kg?  A 1-year-old baby.    And at least with the camera gear you can distribute the weight for better balance!

Obviously men have much more physical strength than women, but the other day riding the train from the airport into the city, I saw two petite Japanese women carrying both a baby and a suitcase, and they took the stairs rather than the escalator upstairs to the ground, without breaking a sweat.  So I think even a "serious" FF sporting kit is well within the range of what most women are physically able to carry.  It might be more difficult for them than for a man, but it's not nearly impossible, like it would be for most women to carry 70-80kg (or whatever the appropriate "impossible" weight would be).

Do most women *want* to carry 10-15kg in camera gear?  No way.  But then, neither do most men.  But a man will do it if he thinks the tools are necessary to the task he wants to complete (even if it's "just" a hobby), and a woman is really no different.  A serious female photographer is not going to settle for less quality or performance than a man, so she has no choice but to carry the same equipment.  It's not idiotic at all.


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