After a week (or two) of it

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After a week (or two) of it

Having followed the trials and tribulations of the good folk at this forum I have come to a few conclusions.  Not everyone will agree with these as I am not Gearphobic, but I feel I have the resources to comment.  So what of the Olympus moves in that past few weeks?

1.  It's plainly obvious Olympus are placing all their eggs in one basket.  Good or bad that's the way it is and will be.  The EM-1 is a hybrid trending in one direction, mFT.  Sure folks can carry their old glass over and that's fine but in reality this is a quantum shift for that company.  It also suggests hard times as there only appears to be one camera, one system to date.  Where does that leave Oly Users?

2.  It''s also plainly obvious Olympus no longer want or have the capacity to produce entry level cameras to back up the EM-1 (unless the inferior EM-5 is that camera.).  With the E systems there were three main bodies, the high end Ex, the mid range Exx, and the entry level Exxx series.  And the glass fitted all cameras well.  With the EM-1 you have the ability to transfer lenses from E series but the jury is still out on how well they work with the EM-1 and EM-5.  Yes they might be fine but from what I am reading the Primes will be sweet but anything below them have seen their days.

3.  We know Olympus have discontinued the E series and in all likelihood all those cameras are now no longer under warranty and the one thing I have not seen is Olympus carrying out repairs on aging equipment.  I'm assuming here that their repair base is now totally structured around mFT and DSLR is a thing of the past.  They may still be honouring some but I'm doubtful.

4.  Which brings us to the curly subject.  Given there is no longer repair facility for a dead system, what of the lenses?  Nowhere have I seen in discussions that Olympus will continue to provide back to base support for damaged/malfunctioning lenses carried over to the EM-1.  I am again assuming that Olympus will continue support as they have declared that EM-1 works for both glass.  But where do they say that?  Will future E system users carrying glass to their new system have that support?  Yeah tricky.

5.  Entry Level cameras for mFT based around the EM-1??  Yeah ok, EM-5 was the start but is it an Exx or Exxx at entry - mid range level?  What if I don't want to buy an EM-1 (remember a lot of folks are budget wary) what then?  As I said I'm no gearhead, so I'm not aux fais with the EM-5 so someone explain to me what bearing that has on future users and where do you think Olympus can/will go to appease entry level users?

Just some thoughts.  I'm not going to buy an EM-5 or EM-1 and correspondingly the lenses (at this stage).  I have two cameras that fulfill my needs and look at using them for many years to come.  But one day they will die (no support) and I will be forced to change my thinking and ownership.  I like what I see and where Olympus are going but I do question their tactics in not giving us a camera that is as robust as the EM-1 but with less bells and whistles for entry level.  Again I don't know enough about the EM-5 and it's relationship to the EM-1.


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