Just installed Magic Lantern on the 5D3 - some initial notes

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Re: Just installed Magic Lantern on the 5D3 - some initial notes

yodermk wrote:

* Once you install it, you can not uninstall it. For now anyway. On my 60D I could boot with a non ML card to be rid of it. Not so with the 5D3. Once the bootflag is set, if the SD does not have ML installed, the camera will not start at all. And you can't unset the bootflag. I suppose that will be possible in the future but it isn't now.

The reason the camera won't start with that card is because you've set the card to be bootable. With the bootflag enabled this means the camera will try to boot from the card, but since you removed ML's autoexec.bin then there is nothing to boot. The install/uninstall guide specifically warns against this in bright red text. So you CAN uninstall ML, it's just the bootflag that is a problem.

As for removing the bootflag, it is only the 5D3 that has this issue. Techincally it's actually pretty easy to remove and people have done so (eg http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=6035.msg78332#msg78332). The problem is that it is risky - there's a possibility it could brick your camera. To write a utility that everyone can use (with all the proper checks/safeguards in place) is a delicate job and hasn't been tackled yet for the 5D3. This will happen in time.

Addressing the general negative comments from this thread: Something to bear in mind is that ML is still rapidly evolving, worked on by volunteers in their spare time, and is really more suitable for enthusiasts with good technical knowledge rather than your average DSLR owner. That is made very clear on the website. Yes the documentation is lacking, yes sometimes there isn't anyone able or willing to help answer questions, yes there are limitations that aren't yet resolved. However the developers have committed enormous amounts of their own time and effort into this project and they have every right to be selective about what they choose to work on and when. If you don't like that then either don't use ML at all or get involved and try to address the issues yourself by actively contributing documentation or code, or by helping people on the forums. Complaining about it here really doesn't help the situation.

Disclaimer: I'm just a happy ML user. I'm not directly involved in the project though I have made some very minor code changes for my own purposes here and there.

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