X10(EXR) to X20 (X-Trans) Users, What's Your verdict?

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Cramming a larger sensor int the next generation

Lightpath48 wrote:

The X30 might have a larger sensor, too.

But if a larger sensor, then certainly a different lens.  The 2/3" sensor of the X10 and X20 measures 8.8 mm x 6.6 mm, while the "next size up" among current cameras is the 1" sensor of the Nikon 1 and the Sony RX100, at 13.2 mm x 8.8 mm, exactly twice the surface area of the 2/3" sensor, but in a 3:2 ratio, not a 4:3 ratio.  A 4:3 ratio sensor with the same short side dimension as the 1" sensor would measure 11.73 mm x 8.8 mm.  I strongly doubt that the X20 lens could illuminate a sensor of that size without vignetting, and even if it could, the longest focal length of that lens would be under 100 mm equivalent for a sensor that size.

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