XF1: From Elk Cove Trail, No. 631

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Re: XF1: From Elk Cove Trail, No. 631

Kim Letkeman wrote:

prime wrote:

This is not straight out of the camera; various Aperture controls were invoked. Sufficiently enlarged, the lenticular (banner) cloud at the summit has a pinkish tail. One suspects that this is an artifact of the post-processing.

Excellent composition!

It's pretty badly over exposed, which I assume accounts for so much CA near the top. I was unaware that this lens would do so much of that ...

Also, the sharpening is much too strong ... consider backing that off a lot ...

Kim, thank you for the critique (and for the compliment).

This picture was shot after the first, but before the second, of the two shots that I posted in the opening post of this other thread (link) -- in other words, just as the malfunction causing overexposure was beginning to come on strong.  Out of the camera, this shot was grossly overexposed, and in Aperture, I decreased Brightness to -0.41 and decreased Highlights 91.94 (I am not sure what the units are, but Aperture's maximum adjustment to Brightness is -0.5, and its maximum adjustment to tame Highlights is 100.0).   The camera's settings had Sharpness at STD and Noise Reduction at LOW; do you suggest different settings across the board, or just for specific scenes that share the nature of this one?

As to the CA near the top, I am not sure to which of two distinct artifacts you allude.  There is some softness at the high-contrast transition of the burned-out tree limbs silhouetted against the bright sky that is not quite purple fringing but clearly has a color cast to it, and then there are the pinkish effects in some of the patches of white snow near the mountain's summit.  As to the latter, I wrongly speculated earlier that the effect (as seen at the right end of the cloud) may have been added in post-processing, but on further review of the unprocessed JPEG, I now think that there is a complete though faint broad rainbow there, probably caused by refraction through the same ice crystals that formed the banner cloud -- and the part of the rainbow spectrum toward the blue end is masked by the snow's reflection of the blue sky, leaving the red end of the spectrum to stand out.

Here is a second take on post-processing with neither the Auto Enhance control nor the Highlight reduction invoked, but with Brightness further decreased to -0.5 (Aperture's maximum).

Same image as in the original post, with less post-processing.

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