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Isn't San Gabriel a warm paper to begin with? I wish it was included in the sample pack but it isn't. I am not quite ready to plunk down that kind of money without first seeing what the prints look like.

Yes. Any print made on San Gabriel will appear to be somewhat warm, especially in the highlight areas.

San Gabriel is included in Red River's $5.99 specialty sampler:

Also, Canon will make a sample print on San Gabriel from one of your own images here:

Thanks again for sharing your profiles!

Thanks! I just ordered 4 sample packs. That should give enough of each paper to profile and test on.

I will interested in your thoughts on this paper. I only see two advatages over similar, more popular wood pulp based baryta papers: Canson Baryta Photographique and Ilford Glod Fibre Silk - it is claimed to be OBA free and comes in 17 x 25 inch sheets.

The cut sheets are more expensive and you only get into saving money when you go to rolls. The texture is quite heavy, somewhat Museo Silver Rag like, and Silver Rag is cotton based and also OBA free. I prefer the finer grain of Canson Platine, which is also OBA free and cotton based. Of course, the cotton papers are more expensive.

Brian A

I have some 17x22 sheets of a fiber paper from Innova that is supposed to be a Baryta paper. I got it a very long time ago before I even knew what Baryta was when it came to papers.
It's surface it just too coarse for me. I it is also a bit prone to surface flaking even after brushing off and blowing off the surface with canned air, you print and then WHAMMO a little flake falls off and you have a black white little spot. In the old day I would bring out the spotting colors but not when the flake is part of the coating. You can never really hide it.

So though it produces great prints on the 3800 I am always a bit hesitant to want to print on it.

I have about 50 letter sized sheets of Inkpress Baryta I have to test it on the PRO-100 but first have to profile it.

Anyway the fun begins.

We need a resetter!!!!!!!


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