GX7 EVF great or not so great

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Re: GX7 EVF great or not so great

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Well , ladies and gents, I just now had a look through the OVF of my Nik D7000, and there is NO

I don't understand how I managed to get it so wrong. My OP post said exactly what I saw and a few others clearly had similar reservations. Can it be something with the way it is configured. I wear glasses but I don't that would have had such an impa

I have just returned my GX7 after two days of considerations. It was a very nice camera with almost everything as I wanted including a tiltable viewfinder. Unfortunately the EVF did not work very well together with my variofocal glasses. Even if my glasses are made of very flexible titanium and can be pressed close to the eye, it was impossible for me to see the picture in the EVF, when it displayed pictures in 16:9 or 3:2 aspect ratios. OK these ratios are not of big importance for me and when the EVF was displying pictures in aspect ratio 4:3 I could see the hole picture at a glance, and furthermore in a quality far ahead of the picture I am used to in the EVF of my G1. Except for one thing: the size. This is unfortunetaly a deal breaker for me. I understand that people with good vision or people coming from the smaller OVFs in APS DSLRs are exited about the EVF of the GX7. It was with mixed feelings I had to return the GX7. None of the M43 alternatives with bigger EVFs are ideal: The two topmodels from Olympus have much bigger EVFs but the one have a clumsy add-on EVF and the other one is too expensive. Then there is the G6 which is relatively cheap, and also feels cheap in the hand, but at least have an EVF in a size and an aspect ratio of 4:3 which is comparable with my current G1.

I have progressive (varifocal) glasses and am quite happy with the E-M5's EVF.  I assume I would find the E-M1's EVF an improvement, but no upgrade plans for now.

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