Warming whoops: Scientists debate the falling rate of rising temperatures

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Re: Warming whoops: Scientists debate the falling rate of rising temperatures

Tom Rogers wrote:

Some people on this forum seem to be obsessed with the accuracy of models as opposed to looking at the data. The models will remain imperfect because of the complexity of weather. Don't confuse models with data. Glaciers are disappearing all over the planet. We can make a model predicting how fast that will continue to happen. You should care less about the model, and be more interested in data. If you want to see glaciers in Glacier NP, you had better plan to go soon.

The people you are referring to have no interest in data, models or anything they heard before yesterday and only then from Fox news.  They just don't want their world to change and denying the bleedin' f'n obvious makes that possible in their version of reality.  Try to reason with them, sure but expect a lot of tedium.  They won't actually read anything unless they agree with it and you won't get any discussion, only school yard standard insults.  Kinda sad really but ignorance really is bliss.  I just hope they don't have kids.  Irritating thing is that, just as intended, they derail rational conversation on the subject just about everywhere they infest the web.

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The one serious conviction one should hold is that nothing should be taken too seriously.
It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain an idea without necessarily accepting it. -Aristotle
..oh, and I see by the lack of responses that I am right yet again.

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