70d look and feel..

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Re: 70d look and feel..

Stakeouttoo wrote:

RedFox88 wrote:

It's amazing how the "feel" of a camera affects your photographic results. It doesn't. The "feel" of a camera affects the user's perception of a camera if they are into cameras as status symbols, newest gadgets, or collecting cameras.

I could care less about status..newest gadgets.. etc... but the feel of a camera..to me at least ..makes for a better picture taking experience..if it is not comfortable to use it's just not fun taking pics...gotta enjoy taking pics..

"Feel" and ergonomics are different things.  Understand that.  "feel" is meant more towards how the exterior feels against a hand and the solidness of the build quality which is very different than how a device fits in a hand and how its controls are layed out.

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