Wich computer does the initiated advanced professionall use today?

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Re: Wich computer does the initiated advanced professionall use today?

_timo_ wrote:

Jeantaupe wrote:

So, since I'm not the only mac-user here, another question?

I've moaned about, basically, the OS. And I could go on, just give me more time. But lets turn it around: What are the upsides, in your opinion, with a mac? Except extreme sexiness and a ridiculous price?

I'll bite. In my experience Macs shine in three particular ways.

1. Wireless setup and management. Always been quite straightforward on the mac side. In fact, networking in general is pretty straightforward. Recently, in an office where I sublease space, their network went down and after rebooting the various appliances none of the client XP workstations were able to see their network server, etc. etc. My mac had no problem accessing all services ... my other office-mates lost the better part of the day waiting for their IT guy to sort out the IP addesss scheme.

The Devil invented Windows network. I wich I had 20 bucks for every our I've struggled with it.

2. Back up. I use a combination of Time Machine (Time Capsule for the portables at home) and mirrors of boot drives. Very easy to implement and really fire-and-forget.

I've used Crash Plan on my Windows machines, it´s free and works in a similar way. It's i "The Cloud" though, I don't like that. So I guess I agree.

3. General troubleshooting. Granted, I have little experience with later iterations of Windows; however, in helping officemates with their XP installs I frequently run into roadblocks (DLL stuff, for example) that are "hand it off to the IT professional" problems. By contrast I've been able to be my own IT guy for my own business for the last twelve years or so.

With fewer options comes fewer problems I guess...

Know what you're doing and exactly how you want it? Windows has the broadest choices. Really want to tinker? Linux has its charms. But in my case neither of these criteria matter to me. People complain that Macs make you do it their way, and to a certain extent this is true ... but the difference is these ways usually work fine, and for good underlying reasons. I'm fine with sailing along with OS X, even when they change things up.

I'm probably a bit of a control freak and I like to set up and adjust things exactly the way I want them and create my own solutions. That's probably what bugs me the most with Mac.

PS FWIW I find Macs more frustrating on the hardware side than software side. E.g., would love to know if the new MacPro is a great machine for Aperture, or overkill (I'm guessing the latter), and I'm frustrated with the slow roll-out of Thunderbolt, as I'd like to migrate out of my eSATA and Firewire collection of drives and back ups.

It seems like I don't have those needs.


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