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Guys! Let’s stop talking about QA and QC. Just to be clear – all these things are POST MORTUM. That means some things by-design have higher chance to be manufactured well, but some things - have not. We have a good mantra for such occasion: It can be made but cannot be manufactured. And we call it manufacturability. The article There is no perfect lens is a very good example of it. It looks like SEL1628 by design had higher in-process variability. And one important note: the lens with higher elements number has higher change to be manufactured wrong. So Tessar and Triplet lenses supposed to be high manufacturability lenses… Which was proved in a past…

Er... the people in this forum are nex owners and are buying nex lenses.  Sony are not replacing faulty lenses, as I have shown, so isn't qc rather an important issue here?  Why should we stop talking about it ?t

Ha! Please do not understand me wrong…  QA/QC is effective when checks 100% of the product. I’m sure, that each and every lens checked electrically. And (if I’m not mistaking) there is no complains for electrical functionality. But I’m not sure that each and every lens checked optically. And if it checked – what specification limit of MTF  or other parameters were applied? So we (I’m a NEX owner as well) can continue to talk about QA, but I think quality deviation is just within the internal Sony spec. So design is a root cause, not QA/QC.

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