GX7 is already $100 off at adorama

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Re: GX7 is already $100 off at adorama

Andy Turner wrote:

Joel Halbert wrote:

Panasonic might do well to mount a real promotion themselves, especially with Christmas coming. The Adorama $100 off could well be a Panasonic-incentive promotion, i.e. Panasonic taking most or all of the discount off of their wholesale price. Like "factory money" for car dealers.

I asked a guy in Jessops in the UK the other day, as to how come the prices of the GX7 are identical everywhere (there's laws against price-fixing in the UK). He said that Panasonic effectively set the price by charging them so much for the GX7 that they can only put it on for sale at RRP. Only when Panasonic bring the price down can the stores start to discount.

lol! There are laws against price fixing in both Canada and the United States as well. It's not unique to the United Kingdom.

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