GX7 is already $100 off at adorama

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Re: GX7 is already $100 off at adorama

If you can get someone into the store and sell them a GX7 it's easier to " Add On" to the sale with a few lenses, filters, batteries & such.

Joel Halbert wrote:

miro3 wrote:

for both body only and kit.

Does it mean that there is not enough interest?

It very well might mean that they know people are looking for this camera, and they want to attract more orders now that the pre-orders have been shipped.

I ordered mine from Aden in Canada; they were offering CDN$100 off from the very beginning of the pre-order listing.

I believe this camera will be relatively successful for Panasonic. However, all M43 is still plagued by lack of retail presence. One has to be on the internet, actively involved in camera-related sites or groups, or have friends in the know. Few customers will become acquainted with the GX7 or the E-M1 by chance or by random retail browsing.

I will say that, other than the questionable decision of Panasonic USA to offer only one color and not all kits, they've done a somewhat better job (than usual) of making the new model available quickly, with not much delay from Asian and European availability to USA availability. Also, just in the past couple of weeks there have been many new reviews and they are mostly very positive.

Olympus has also done a good job of racing to get the E-M1 to retail right on the heels of the GX7. I'm sure that pulled some customers away from the GX7, or at least made them wait a while longer to make a decision.

Panasonic might do well to mount a real promotion themselves, especially with Christmas coming. The Adorama $100 off could well be a Panasonic-incentive promotion, i.e. Panasonic taking most or all of the discount off of their wholesale price. Like "factory money" for car dealers. This practice makes sense in some ways, but it also discourages smaller camera stores who can't get the same deal from Panasonic. That's one big reason that Lumix has poor representation in camera stores. The problems with poor placement in Best Buy et. al. are probably somewhat different.

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