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GaryW wrote:

Jefftan wrote:

http://www.photozone.de/sony_nex/829-sony1018f4ossUnfortunately, and that's a bit of a tradition in the local Sony test history, we experienced significant centering defects in the two samples that we tested. The first sample delivered miserable results throughout the range whereas and the 2nd sample showed a very soft output on the left image side. Honestly, we consider two samples to be enough so the resolution observations reflect the results from the 2nd sample (based on the center and right image side).

That's an expensive lens. At least with the 16mm, it was the least-expensive Sony-manufactured Nex lens -- maybe still is.

It is a 300 dollar lens, or at least was - that is a significant amount of money, particularly when you look at the strip down and see how little is in it.  Having to throw away 300 dollars is an issue for most people!

This issue seems trivial to you.  I'm very interested in hearing what you think somebody who ends up with a poorly assembled lens from Sony should do with it?  Please remember that Sony are not replacing these lenses as my experience demonstrates, and shops outside of the usa do not have such generous returns policies as you are used to

Should that person be as unprincipled as Sony and try to sell that defective lens to an unsuspecting person on Ebay or similar?  My morality is superior to Sony's (which makes it interesting that you take their side in this matter) and I was not prepared to behave in such a way and so that money I spent is literally lost and I have a lens I cannot use and which cannot be resold - I might as well put it in the bin and wave goodbye to that money (and in my case I have a second bad copy so I lost even more money).  What about somebody who spends 1000 dollars and gets a bad Sony 'Zeiss' lens which Sony will not replace?

QC is a serious issue for all NEX users and 'apologising' for Sony will only bring closer the day you end up with one of these decentered lenses!

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