DSLR users: how many lenses per camera do you CURRENTLY have AVAILABLE TO USE?

Started Sep 29, 2013 | Polls thread
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Re: Perhaps if you explained the real point to your poll,

Ron Poelman wrote:

I might not have lost focus and strayed so far into left field ?
Every bit of maths in your hamster obstacle course of a poll,
just evaporates with the purchase or sale of a body,
or even worse, a cross-brand adapter;
both are common and unpredictable events.
So what on earth are we trying to establish ?

p.s. There is only one limit on lens purchases, cost,
has someone changed the rules ?

The real point of the polls was this: http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/52242320

I fell foul of DPR not allowing more than one poll question in a post (so I had to separate the two polls), and unreasonable expectations (by me) of how carefully people would read the poll text. I allowed my curiosity about how different lenses/camera bought and lenses/camera available to use are in general (my values are 1.6 and 5 - how different are other people's values?) to nevertheless try and get an answer to the question.

I agree with your comment that your answers would be changed by purchase or sale of equipment etc, but the answers that a give respondent would give to many surveys would vary through time. This doesn't necessarily invalidate the results of the survey.

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